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Oakmere Stables are committed to the welfare of all animal especially Horses and Alpacas. This is a new venture for us so watch this space for young stock appearing next year.

Alpacas are gentle creatures, intelligent and kind clean living & have a distinctive pecking order in the herd. The softer and quieter you are with them and the slower your movement is around them the more responsive they will be to you. They are very peaceful animals with an amazing range of sounds. Some Alpacas will talk to you the whole time while walking while others remain silent.


Alpaca History

Alpacas originate from South America and are bred from the wild Vicuna which is now a rare and protected species. The llama is bred from the wild Guanaco, which is still relatively common throughout South America. They are both in the camelid family, which also includes the Asian camel. Domesticated for 9000 years, alpacas have played an important role in the survival and economy of the Andean people in South America. The value of the alpaca and llama was recognised as early as the 14th Century, when the Incas in South America used alpacas and Llamas for food, fuel, clothing, transportation and religious ceremony. Alpacas were considered so important to the survival of the indigenous people they were tightly controlled by the government and Incan royalty.



  • Alpaca have soft padded feet. This leaves pasture undamaged and usable for years.
  • They have no top front teeth, so they are gentle grazers.
  • The alpaca does not usually eat or destroy trees.
  • The average alpaca only eats 4lbs of food a day. Llamas a little more.
  • Alpacas do not require abundant amounts of water.
  • The herd tends to deposit their manure in one or two spots in the pasture.
  • Alpaca and llama manure it a fantastic fertilizer.
  • One good acre of pasture can support up to five alpacas or 3 llamas.
  • Alpaca’s require minimal fencing, as they do not challenge it.
  • Alpacas can produce up to ten lbs of fleece a year.
  • Alpacas and Llamas come in 22 different shades of colour starting with white and ending with black with every other natural shade in between.
  • Average pregnancy lasts 11.5 months
  • The average fleece is worth £300-£400
  • Alpacas and llamas respond to their name being called so make sure you use their names while walking.


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Newpool Farm, Cheesehill Lane, Oakmere, Cheshire, WA6 8LF

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